My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!

MAP – Can Making 3K A Month Be This Easy?

Make $3,000 A Month By Clicking On 10 Ads A Day

There is a new concept on the Internet that is rocking the online world and it’s called MAPS (MAP) which stands for My Adverting Pays. It’s an advertising website where you can promote your products or services via text or banner ads, but the real earning potential isn’t with these ads as you may think. Check out this video below that it explains it further…

YouTube Preview Image

As you can see by the above video there are several ways that you can earn from this platform like clicking on 10 ads a day or by referring people to the program. That is were the real money is and were you should focus your efforts on but keep in mind that all the other methods are valid and should be used in conjunction as it all adds up afterwards. A $1 here and $10 there will quickly add up and before you know it, you’ll be earning $100 a day without much effort or work.

MAP | Brief Explanation Of How It All Works

Once you have signed up, the first thing I suggest you should do is buy one credit pack although it’s not compulsory to make this work. What are credit packs? These are advertising credits that allow you to buy advertising space on their website plus it will allow you to earn from clicking on 10 ads a day. So the more credit packs you have the more you will earn daily from your clicking efforts.

Now after a few days of clicking on ads, you’ll have enough money to draw or buy more credit packs. What I highly suggest you do is buy some more credit packs. That is were the trick is in making huge money with this platform. See it as an re-investment of your efforts into something much bigger over time.

You could draw the profits into your bank account but that’s not what I recommend when you initially start. Yes, at a later stage when you’re making a lot more, then sure go ahead and draw some of it.

MAPS is truly a revolutionary idea that’s going to make a lot of people money, so I hope you see the potential here and that you’re ready to join the elite few who make a full time income from the Internet.

My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!

Still got a few questions or doubts about this program?

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Super Income Evolution – Make Passive Income Online

What Is Super Income Evolution?

Super Income Evolution is a 3 step system created by Nelio Dos Reis to help you generate passive monthly income online. This is unlike any other course you have seen online and I would highly recommend you check it out by clicking on the image below.

Super Income EvolutionWhy should you check it out?

Products like these come along once in a blue moon and are priceless. Nelio has really gone out of his way to deliver a high quality product that can finally produce the results you so much desire online.

How can this help you out if your are starting out online?

Nelio has created a membership site where you will sign up to and get access to the “super” content. Inside you’ll have access to step-by-step videos and detailed digital PDF reports that explain everything from beginning to end just as if you were there watching over his shoulder.

The content and secrets shared are pure gold and will without a doubt help you create a proven strategy that makes you money on demand.

Super Income Evolution | Can You Tell Me More About The System?

Sure! The system is about creating a sales funnel without using your own products and making mega commissions from PPL offers. At the same time you’ll be building a email list of people interested in making money online. This allows you to promote your offers or affiliates ones if you wish and make money from your mailings.

This system is truly a gem and a proven money maker if you just follow the steps Nelio teaches you. It seriously doesn’t get any easier than this.

super income evolution | Conclusion

If you are serious about finally building a solid business online that is simple to setup then you got to get this awesome system now. Like I said, there is nothing like it online and the value offered with this program is through the roof.

Another thing to mention is the fact that Nelio is top-notch when it comes to support and helping others make money online. He is always there to help and assist you wherever you need it most. Also before I forget, the product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just hit Nelio up and ask for a full refund.

My final words to you now…

Get this as soon as possible, actually click the link below now and get this incredible product that will finally help you succeed online…

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What Does Our Technological Future Hold for Web Entrepreneurs?

It’s been a crazy last decade – we’ve seen a lot more innovation brought to the table than anyone would have predicted ten years ago. And what’s going to happen in the next ten years is something nobody can realistically predict at this point – although it’s certainly shaping up to be an interesting time, that’s for sure.

A good Web entrepreneur must always be one step ahead of the competition, and when you look at all these new technologies and their potential for improving social media in incredible ways, it’s obvious that it will eventually come to using them heavily for marketing purposes. Take a look at the Oculus Rift, for example – its recent acquisition by Facebook will surely give the product a much-needed increase of financial support, but you can also be sure that Facebook will do their best to make their platform the center of attention to Rift users.

Here Is A Video With Some Of The Best And Funniest Reactions From People Using Oculus Facebook Rift…

On the other hand we have Google with their Glass – and if Google don’t figure out a way to integrate advertising in a profitable way into this product, nobody else can do it. From what we’ve seen so far, a situation like this can only be good news for an online marketer, as Google have always relied on the people themselves to do the bulk of the actual advertising work, so there should be plenty of profits to reap in the end.

Don’t be foolish to think that you can take your time and these technologies won’t be around for a while – they’ll swarm you at the blink of an eye, and before you know it, everyone will have moved on to entirely new platforms, while you’re still trying to figure out why you’ve lost all your profits seemingly overnight. Only those who manage to adapt are the ones who truly make it in the world of online marketing.

Are Commercials That Get Banned A Great Marketing Strategy?

Being Controversial Might Get You Banned

Over the past few months I have been seeing a lot of TV commercials being banned. Sometimes by the same repeat offenders who paid for that space previously. A good example of this practice is a restaurant franchise called Nandos that was founded here in my homeland South Africa. They have since expanded overseas to countries like the UK and Portugal. Anyway, they are consistently creating highly controversial commercials involving politicians, celebrities and current news affairs.

I sometimes see these commercials being broadcast on TV as they are launched but after a day or two, they tend to disappear although they were brilliant to say the least.

Although these commercials were getting banned and taken off pretty fast, the advertiser was coming back with more new controversial commercials that were likely to get banned again but they didn’t mind that happening and I’ll explain that in a second.

Before I continue, here a few funny banned commercials…

YouTube Preview Image

The Reason Why Getting Banned Is Good For Business

The reason why these companies don’t mind getting their commercials banned is simple… it’s called INSTANT AWARENESS! When something is controversial and gets banned, it gets people talking and implants the ad (brand in this case – Nandos) into their heads. And by having people talking on a certain subject that caught their attention, you get free advertising.

Believe it or not, this is one of the best advertising methods to use. Even after days and weeks of the commercial being taken off air, people will talk about it amongst themselves for days and believe me when I say that the brand (Nandos) that was marketed will stay in their minds for a long time to come.

Let me ask you a question?

How many times have you come across people that said… “Did you see that funny commercial during the news break?”

And the other person would say… “Yeah, how funny was that! Can’t believe they would show that on TV.”

“Can’t believe” means shock and astonishment that leads to free advertising. This type of controversial marketing has been used over and over again and the reason is because this works like a charm and sells the product like hot cakes. It doesn’t mean you need to get banned but you need to get the point out by using some controversial story in your marketing efforts.

If you aren’t using this method to market, your losing out big time and that is a fact!