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Nelio-Dos-ReisNelio Dos Reis is a full time Internet Marketer from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Both my parents are Portuguese that  immigrated to South Africa in the early 1970’s. I was for that reason born and brought up in South Africa making me, half South African & half Portuguese. I moved to Europe at the age of 13 but returned back home in 2000. I Love South Africa to bits and wouldn’t move to any other country again.

I enjoy the outdoors and doing various activities such as playing football and weight training. I also love adrenaline stuff like bungee jumping. Can’t wait to try out skydiving one day. As you can see I am an average guy that enjoys life and tries to make the most of it everyday.

My life has been quite a journey with a lot of ups and downs! I have tried a lot of jobs and owned a few businesses in the past. I have tried the Retail Market, Building Industry, Restaurant Management and my favorite Internet Marketing. I Planned to be an Architect (Studied for 4 years), but due to unforeseen circumstances I was forced to quit. Wouldn’t change my profession now for the world due to the freedom and lifestyle I now have.

Nelio BungyIt hasn’t always been easy, but looking back it has all been worth it. If you’re looking to succeed or build an online business and haven’t succeeded yet, please do not give up. Find a path, set your ultimate goals and most importantly make sure you stick to it no matter how difficult it may seem at times. Remember, success is possible for anyone, regardless of your knowledge level, where you live, and what your current situation is. is here to help and will continue to offer the highest level of support. Our goal is to build a great community into something that far exceeds anything available to Affiliate Marketers.