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An Unknown Twitter Marketing Tool To Make Some Quick Money

Twitter Marketing ToolTwitter marketing tool is a relatively unknown tool to make some quick money on the web. What is more, this method is not intrusive like some other forms of marketing are. It is a demand response sort of a thing – you respond to the demand expressed by a twitter user. This response is in the form of an answer and therefore does not harass the user by solicitous ads and promos.

The tool enables you to undertake affiliate marketing. In this form of marketing a company markets its products through affiliates or associates in addition to the regular channels of marketing. The affiliates write online promotional content about products and services offered by businesses and provide links to the website of the business. When a net user makes the online purchase after reading the content of the affiliate, the affiliate gets paid a certain commission – a percentage of the price of the product / service that he has helped sell.

This tool by Twitter is a sustainable communication model that drives more leads, future buyers and revenue. It is very simple to operate and you do not have to spend much time researching on how to promote products using twitter. It helps you do everything associated with marketing in an unobtrusive fashion – find people with a problem or demand, find the product that will take care of the problem and then approach these people in the correct manner.

First of all you need to sign in to twitter. Then go to twitter search – this is a very powerful tool as it helps you know what is being discussed and what is that people may need. This does two things – it points to a need and a potential buyer. Then on you need to go to – the largest inventory of digital products where you can get signed in as an affiliate immediately. Then on you will have to go to the marketplace link and choose that option from an array of options that will contain the product demanded by the prospective client. These options include Fiction, Games, Green Products, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Languages, Mobile and Parenting & Families. You can also check the gravity of each option – anyone with more than gravity of 30 and above is selling well.

Twitter Marketing

On the sales page, where you go next, you can find the following aspects related to the product: Testimonials, Bullet Points, Guarantees, Other bonuses offered with the products, Call to action or a good graphical buy button and Your own perspective on the sales page. If 90% or more of the above aspects are there on the sales page the product is a good one with high conversion rate. You then have to do a few operations that will create a link that you can provide to your expected client. You can also shorten this clickbank link to make it look better.

After this comes the hardest part of the entire operation – how do you approach the potential buyer? Well be straight and simple without using a typical forceful marketing approach. You can start like this: Hi, I read your tweet and felt this might be helpful. Hope you like it. And then provide the link.

In addition to this you can also automate most of the process by using Twitter marketing tools out there. In this you set up the keywords that you want to target and provide the appropriate links with your tweets. Then, you can sit back and enjoy the flow of money. The Twitter marketing tool is thus an almost complete apparatus for you to earn money as an affiliate in a sober and polite manner.

Blaise Blake
Blaise Blake

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