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Making Money On Twitter With An Unknown Secret Strategy

Making Money With Twitter Making money on Twitter is now as easy as surfing the net. You can transform your tweeting habits into making some serious money as an affiliate marketing person. Twitter is the place where you and thousands like you log on and discuss your problems and current developments. Sometimes, nay many times, the problems that are expressed can be solved by the purchase of certain goods and services. This is precisely where your role comes into play. You read and understand the problem and then provide the necessary links for the reader to make the purchase.

Affiliate marketing is a relatively new concept. As an affiliate marketer you write content on your website or blog to promote certain goods and services. You also provide the link to the website of the producer /service provider. If the reader likes the content and makes the purchase using your link, you get paid a certain percentage of the price of the product / service that you have helped sell. This is, of course a very elementary explanation of affiliate marketing.

For making money on twitter, you will have to sign up on twitter. Twitter includes a powerful search tool called twitter search where you can get to know exactly the burning issues and topics that are being discussed. Then with a fine eye you will have to detect a need or a desire in these discussions. Of course, if the needs are clearly stated you will be saved from a lot of trouble. When you have zeroed in on the buyer and his need you can log on to This is the largest inventory of digital products. You can sign in as an affiliate and market the products. The marketplace link has a sort of directory of category of products. Choose the one that contains the product you are searching. The categories include the following in the same order: Fiction, Games, Green Products, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Parenting & Family, Languages and Mobile.

The next step is to go to the sales page and create the link to enable the potential buyer to visit the page. In order to shorten and therefore sweeten the link, a sub tool is available. This does all the groundwork. Now comes the most crucial part of this entire operation: the correct method of making the proposal to the client. The message has to be carefully chosen without sounding like a loud salesman who wants to force the product down the throat of an undecided customer. The guiding principal is to keep the message simple and short, for e.g. Hello, went through your tweet, thought this might do it for you. Follow this by providing the link to the sales page.

Making money on Twitter

Twitter not only provides you with a platform for selling stuff but also provides additional helpful features. On the marketplace link you will be given a gravity rating for each product – that is the selling record. Any product with a gravity of 30 or more is selling good. Again the sales page includes features like Testimonials, Bullet Points, Guarantees, Other Bonuses, Call to Action / Good Graphical Buy Button and Your own Perspective on the Sales Page. If 90% or more of these are present it means that the product has a good conversion ratio. All these features help you in making money on twitter in an easy and ethical manner.


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