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How To Flip Websites, Make Clickbank Cash, and Make Serious Dollars With Google Adsense

Need a little extra cash in these tough economic times? If so, then you may have just found a gold mine, because this article will show you ways to make money from your home, and with virtually no expense to you!

Make Money Flipping Websites

200x200-3Ever heard of flipping houses? Flipping websites is basically the same process, only WAY cheaper and faster!

Here’s how to get started:

1. Buy An Existing Web Property- Sites like,,, and many other online website auctioneers have plenty of them.

2. Fix Er Up- Do a little research on the website’s niche, and then figure the best way to make the site better. It varies based on site, but
sometimes just fixing up the theme or adding pictures (royalty free images at for cheap) can drastically help.

Another thing you could do is add an interactive forum. You can create one using web forum software like Or you could build a subscriber list by adding an email optin form, which you can create with free services like The more subscribers or active members in the forum, the more you’ll be able to sell your site for later!

3. Flip It- Now go back to an auction site and sell the site for more than you bought it for. Expect to buy basic, but decent looking sites for $20-$50, and sell them for $100-$300!

How to Make Clickbank Cash is basically the number 1 place for ebooks and digital download products. For potential buyers Clickbank is a great way to find good, usable information on pretty much any topic you can imagine–from dating advice, to health advice, and a ton more.

For affiliates like yourself, Clickbank is a great way to make cash. Here is how it all works:

1. Sign Up and Do Some Product Research – To start, you will need an account. That’s easy to get, just sign up at Then you should start researching a “niche”. Focus on something specific. For example, instead of just “golf” try finding a product on “stopping golf slices”.

2. More Research, Get Links – Once you’ve done some initial market research and found a few, specific products, narrow it down to your top 1 or 2.

Review the sales page, and check out the Gravity of the product (Gravity basically indicates what is selling right now). Usually, the higher the Gravity, the better the chance you have to make a sale.

Try out the product yourself if you can, and always ask for review copies. Talk to the vendor himself. If the vendor isn’t professional and responsive, then that may indicate its not a very good product to promote.

You want to make sure people who buy from them (through you) are satisfied. After you know your winner, get the affiliate link by following Clickbank’s easy to use instructions located in the “Clickbank Marketplace”.

3. Promote!- Finally, you just need to promote your new affiliate product. One of the best ways is writing articles about your niche topic, and then posting your affiliate link in the resource box.

But if you want more exposure, create an email list, and promote it to the list of interested, targeted subscribers. You can also join forums in the niche, and have a signature link to your website. Don’t be spammy and constantly try to sell in forums. Rather, just be yourself and try to be as helpful as possible.

Make Serious Dollars with Google Adsense

Not interested in selling? Don’t worry, there are ways to make money without selling a thing. One is Google Adsense. Ever see those ads on the side of Google or in the side panel of a website? That’s Adsense.

Basically, you just have to direct visitors to your site, who in turn click on those ads displayed within its pages, and you get money! Here’s the skinny on Adsense:

1. Set up a niche website with Adsense – Choose a niche, get a domain, then sign up at Get a free blog from

2. Be Informative- Fill the blog with interesting content by writing articles, posting youtube and other videos, interview experts in your niche. The more interesting your articles and videos, the better.

3. Promote- Get traffic back to your site with social bookmarking, social media, ping directories, article and RSS feeds, etc. The more you promote, the more traffic you get, which means more money, how sweet is that?!

4. Get Paid- Finally, add Adsense to your blog! You can really do this at any time, its not hard and there are even plugins if you use WordPress to manage the ads. Make sure you place your ads in highly visible positions on your site. The higher your click-through-rate (CTR) the more you stand to make!

Extra: As mentioned above, you can even sell your site if it starts making you money with Adsense.

So now you have an idea of what you can do to make money online. Feel like you’ve got a good chance? I hope so, because creating wealth online is very straightforward, just choose one of the methods above and get to work!

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Free Website Installation Added To ‘Services For Hire’

Free Blog Installation ServiceI have some exciting news today for newbies starting out online and trying to make money from affiliate marketing.

One of the biggest obstacles for newbie marketers online is the fact that they have no clue on how to setup or install a blog. And for those who have tried to build a website aren’t doing it correctly and finding a lot of difficulties just to get it up and running. Even after they have the site working, it either doesn’t look appealing or have any SEO potential to rank high on the search engines.

Now the reasons for all these difficulties could be due to so many things like fear of uploading files via FTP, installing WordPress on your blog, understanding how your cPanel from your hosting provider works, how to install plugins to make your site SEO Friendly, etc

Trust me I know what it’s like because when I started out online I had no clue on anything and I seriously mean NADA!! It was all Chinese to me and my patience for learning was frustrating due to all the information out there that seemed to contradict everything that I thought was correct. So over time, I learned the basics and started to apply my newly found knowledge to building my own websites, but it seriously took me some time before I got the hang of it.

Confused Newbie

Now the reason for my story above is because I want to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that complicated to start setting up your first website. Neither does it need to cost you a lot of money. By the way, that’s another reason why people give up before even starting because they think it’s going to cost them an arm and leg to get everything up and going but to be honest with you, that’s not the case.

For a limited time only, I’m going to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to start your online business in a flash. If you go to my ‘Services For Hire‘ page you’ll notice that I have added a new service where I offer to install a blog for you at no cost.

Yeap… you heard right! For FREE!!

So if your not to keen in trying to build your first website, let a professional do it for you. Once you get your first blog from us, you’ll quickly see how it’s all done and before you know it, you’ll have you second website up and running.

Stop making excuses and complaining that it’s to complicated or difficult to create a website. We have made it as easy as possible so that you can have a SEO friendly website within days. So what are you waiting for? Go to our ‘Services For Hire Page‘ and order your website now.


Curate Content For Your Affiliate Marketing Websites

Curate Content | What is Blog Curation?

Why should you consider to curate content? Here is a brief overview of what curation is…

Problem: To get rankings and traffic is a huge challenge for any marketer trying to sell something online. The reality is that almost all search engine optimization techniques rely on spammy methods to get links and to eventually rank on the top of the search engines.  Also due to Google’s recent spate of de- indexing there is a massive pent up demand for a new solution that is legit and designed to last  for the long term.

Solution: Instead of gaming with Google, this software will play by it’s own rules and get huge rankings for competitive keywords. This strategy enables you to Curate Content on multiple websites and blogs remotely and to cash in from the traffic that the websites will generate. This in turn will allow you to have a passive income or even to sell the sites to investors for a huge profit.

Market: Curation is exploding as a method to create authority websites for bloggers, SEO proffisionals, niche and authority site builders and in fact anyone making money online., including affiliate marketers alike.

Curate Content

Look at these:  

Drudge Report: $30 million per year.

Perez hilton… – worth 32 million

Huffington post – bought by AOL for $315

What do they have in common? .. none of their own content.. it was all curated.

Curate Content Now With Page One Curator

Ok… let’s get into more detail and see how this tool works…

The App: The software is a desktop app written in AIR.  This app will search over relevant content sources based on your affiliate keyword, allowing you to CURATE a post that has text, video and images – together with the relevant backlinks that ensure the Google love.

To get the whole idea of how this all works, I have attached below a PDF report explaining the whole process…


Curate Content

Why You Should Curate Content

Content is the only thing people are interested in…and so its the only thing Google is interested in.

The solution isn’t copying/spinning/writing content…why resort to all that?

The best solution is to ‘Curate Content’. It’s been proven to work. There are some huge authority sites that are now household names using this technique.

The key is a sophisticated tool called Page One Curator which finds

This is the way to build authority sites and best of all…they will outlive the algorithm changes that plague us all.

Grab this software right now… They already have 3500 fans so it’s already proven to work.


Affiliate Marketing | Web Traffic Is Fundamental!

When It Comes To Affiliate Marketing… Traffic Is Crucial!

If you can get traffic to your Affiliate Marketing offer you are one step closer to making money and if not, you’ll never succeed online. It’s that simple and straight forward.

There isn’t a magic bullet or a short cut around this. You have to and I repeat, you have to get TRAFFIC! The more traffic you drive to your blog or Affiliate Marketing offer, the more money you’ll make. People trying to succeed online tend to forget what really matters and get really distracted by these so called guru offers that promise you success and millions overnight. You got to stop this and get focused  on what really counts and that my friends is TRAFFIC… Lots of it!

Michael YoungHow do you find a great course or start applying what really counts to start driving traffic to your Affiliate Marketing product? Well there are quite a few amazing traffic courses out there on the net, but one really jumped at me recently and caught my attention. It’s a WSO that was launched by Michael Young called ‘The Ultimate Free Traffic System’

Like the title stats, it’s really is the the ultimate free traffic system to drive traffic to your affiliate marketing website.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing | Raving Reviews!!

You can learn more about this traffic course on the Warrior Forum and check out all the raving reviews from real people that have purchased. Some of the warriors that have tested and implemented the strategies are already seeing some amazing results. Michael even goes as far as having case studies done on two new wannabe marketers and the results speak for themselves.

Before you check out the testimonials and want you to see a brief video on what this traffic course is all about…

Another cool thing about this course is that Michael shares not only one but several traffic methods. If for any reason you don’t like one method you can move on to the next one. I can guarantee you’ll find something to your liking and be able to apply it because the tutorial videos in the members area are made for total newbies in mind. Don’t get me wrong… if you’re a more of an advanced marketer, you’ll still get some very important info on how to drive traffic to your affiliate marketing website or offer.

Affiliate Marketing Traffic Conclusion

I can’t emphasize this enough… focus on TRAFFIC before trying other stuff like Facebook marketing or trying to get that perfect website look with awesome graphics.  If you follow through the entire course you’re guaranteed to see results and once you got a nice flow of visitors to your website, then you can turn your focus onto other affiliate marketing strategies. Before you go and try out these free traffic methods check this testimonial out…

Oh… by the way if you want access to this awesome traffic course, you’ll need to get registered to the Warrior Forum which is free to do. It’s by  far the best Internet marketing forum around!

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