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The Best 101 Server Crushing Traffic Tips

Take a quick look around the web. How many offers do you see claiming to give you the “one and only” way to get traffic to your website?

The next big, sneaky Google tactic or the ultimate secret to get hungry buyers clicking through to your website?

There are HUNDREDS of them.

Sure, some of them work. Some of them even work damn well – but they don’t work for everyone.

The best strategy to generate steady, recurring traffic to your website is the one that works FOR YOU, not for someone who has a completely different site in a completely different niche.

Personally, I’m Tired of Being Told I MUST Have Sixteen Social Media Accounts or That I Need to Spend $XXX A Month On SEO Services To Guarantee Traffic To Any Of My Sites!

It’s just not true.

So, I figured why not cut out some of the hype and make it a hell of a lot easier – give you the ULTIMATE list of traffic generation tips that will help you get exactly what you need out of your websites.


101 Server Crushing Traffic Tips

101 Server Crushing Traffic Tips

Stop running in circles, grabbing every guru launch in the traffic niche only to find that it MIGHT work for some people…part of the time.

Learn how to generate traffic from scratch, boost the traffic you already have, swap traffic with others and more. In 101 server crushing traffic tips, you’ll read about:

  •   6 Simple Strategies that Each Take Less than Five Minutes But Can Drive 1000’s of 1000’s of Hits to Your Site Each Month.
  •   How a Handful of Simple Tweaks to What You’re ALREADY Doing Can Blow Up Your Traffic Numbers
  •   How to Really Use Social Media without Wasting Hours of Precious Time
  •   Our Favorite Website Software and Plugins (Mostly Free!) to Drive Mega Traffic to Your Site
  •   How I Use Kindle to Drive Traffic, Build My Brand AND Make Money
  •   Our Personal Choice for Solo Ad Postings
  •   The 5 Best Performing PPV Traffic Networks on the Web
  •   Easy to Use Websites that Drive HUGE Volumes of Traffic to Your Site in Minutes
  •   My Top 20 Viral Content Seeds and How to Use them For Your Site
  •   How to Turn Problems into Opportunities that Create and KEEP Traffic on Your Site
  •   And many more methods that work day in and day out are revealed on the inside.

Are you wondering if the eBook is the only thing you’ll get with this WSO?

Nope… There is more! Once you log into the membership area, you will have access to some videos that Anthony has prepared for you in which he goes through some of the methods revealed in the eBook such as:

  1. How to use WikiHow to drive hoards of traffic to your site.
  2. How a simple Kindle Book can be downloaded thousands of times and at the same time get you traffic.
  3. How, by giving away free stuff like website templates, you can create a huge flux of visitors to your site
  4. How by holding a contest, can create a huge buzz and have people visiting your website on a regular basis.
  5. How by simply redesigning your website can make a massive difference to your traffic stats.

Why did we create this guide? Because it’s a pain in the ass to get traffic for a new site. Heck, it’s a pain to get traffic for an existing site.

And I was tired of spending cash on WSO after WSO to learn yet one more secret to traffic generation, only to find that it was either the same old stuff with a new label or a borderline blackhat strategy that would eventually bring on the wrath of Google.

How Can This Help YOU Increase Traffic?

The goal of 101Server Crushing Traffic Tips is simple. Give clear, simple instructions for Internet marketers who don’t need another 200 page eBook; just a straightforward reference guide they can use to build their sites and generate traffic real fast.

Ok, you’re not blown away with the above and think that this is just another WSO that you’ll read once and land up chucking on your hard drive never to be opened again.

Sorry to disappoint you but you’re wrong my friend…


Well, here is the reason…



We’re going to make this very exciting by adding a cool twist. You know how most marketers have a hard time building a relationship with their list? People opting out faster than they came in? People flagging your email as spam? People emailing you to ask how they can opt out?

If you’ve got a list, then you know what I mean. This type of occurrence happens at some point to the best of us. You know why?

You Are Not Giving Enough Value And Building A Solid Relationship With Your List!! That’s 99% Percent Of The Case With Most Marketers.

You’ve got to stop this right now!!

I bet you’re thinking… but I don’t know how, please help me?

Ok! Don’t worry because I’ve got you covered and I’ll show you exactly how to build a solid relationship with your list and make them love you for sending those emails on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, your subscribers will be excited and anxiously waiting for your emails to come through and you’ll certainly see a huge drop of opt outs.

How will you achieve this?

You are going to give them VALUE!

Now you are thinking… But I don’t know how to do that either!

Again, don’t worry because we’ll take care of that for you.

Here is the deal… Most people online are on several lists and if you don’t know how to take care of them like other well known marketers do, you’re going to lose them fast! That’s a FACT!

It’s time for you to change that right now!

Here is how…

You need to send them something of ‘VALUE’ once in a while like a video with something informative, or some kind of tip related to their niche that will help them improve their business, or whatever their interests are. If you follow through with this, I guarantee you’ll see a huge difference in your email marketing efforts.

I know that the above can be complicated in terms of coming up with ideas and time consuming, so that’s why I decided to take care of that for you.

What do I mean?

How about we give you that so called ‘VALUE’ so that you can share it with your subscribers on a regular basis? How about you focus on your business and let us take care of that crucial part of your marketing efforts?

Here is the deal… ‘101 Server Crushing Traffic Tips’ is an awesome eBook with lots of valuable information regarding getting visitors to your websites. So how about we take that same eBook and transform it into a PLR (Private Label Rights) eBook so that you can share it with your list.

Pretty cool… hey?

We are going to give you PLR so that you can take this report and give it away as your own. Your list is going to love you for it!

Haven’t got a list? No worries about that either, because I’ve got you covered there as well.

So how about you use the eBook to start building your list?

Here you go again thinking… I don’t know how to build squeeze pages or any of that stuff!

Ok… You know nothing about building a list, so let me show you how and guess what? I’ll even build the squeeze pages for you. If you purchase today, we will include the following squeeze pages for you to use as your own:

All you’ve got to do is add your email autoresponder script code and upload the squeeze page to the home directory of your website. We’ll show you all the steps inside and take all the hard work out, so that you can get back to work or to whatever you feel like doing. By the way, it’s real simple and fast!

Guess What? This WSO Gets Even Better… Keep On Reading As This Will Be A Once In A Lifetime Offer That You Don’t Want To Miss Out On!

How could this possibly get any better?

This current eBook ‘101 Server Crushing Traffic Tips’ is one of many eBooks we plan on launching on a regular basis so that you can have ‘VALUE’ to share with your subscribers as often as possible.

We have created a membership site so that we can charge you a monthly membership fee, but due to this being our first part of our eBook series, we’ve decided to give the first 200 people who purchase now a lifetime membership for a once off fee of $7.

Yes, you heard me right…

Lifetime membership for a once off fee of $7 to the first 200 people only!!

Other Members Will Be Paying A Monthly Membership Fee As Soon As We Launch Our Second eBook While You Get It For A Once Off Payment!

That’s insane if you ask me!

By purchasing today, you’ll be added to our membership site where you’ll have access to every single eBook we launch in the near future. Also with every new eBook we launch, we are going to be giving you some high converting squeeze pages and Private Label Rights to everything.

The best of both worlds… You’ll learn our powerful traffic methods plus you’ll use the same report to giveaway to your list or to build a relationship with your list… pretty nice deal if you ask me J

This offer is valid for today and until we launch our next series of eBooks which could be tomorrow. So don’t waste any more time and grab this insane offer now!

To find out more about this offer, visit and start building a server crushing machine.


PLR? Mega Profitable or Cash Sink?

If you believe the gurus on the forums, plr is a gift from the heavens. The best way to churn out huge volumes of content at rapid speed to grow your business.

But, how do they do it?

The following is a great start. This is a killer new eBook from Anthony Chatfield – who I worked with on Outsourcing Domination. As always, he brings quality to the table in everything he does.

Did I mention his new book is 100% free? Check it out…


Can Paid Surveys Really Make You Money?

Paid Surveys | Can We Really Get Compensated Just For Taking Surveys?

In relation to earning cash from your home, there are lots of options that one can pursue, but one thing often comes to mind first: Generating revenue using the web.
Before I go on, check the video below…
Earning money online is a thing which everybody desires, although not lots of people actually ever achieve. Usually you might need some technical experience like programming, coding, graphics design, or publishing.
A lot of us have none of these skills to aid us to begin earning a paycheck online.There’s, however, a procedure for earning profits from your home using the web that doesn’t require any technical skills.
It is called paid surveys. That’s where you may get paid for completing online. Sounds easy and simple right?
.. is!

Paid Surveys | But How Do We Do This?

It is all about general market trends. Big corporations like Nike, Walmart, and Best Buy spend millions of dollars each year on consumer research. Market research is definitely the act of gathering details about your existing consumers likes and needs, and gathering information from probable, soon-to-be customers.
When they have your information, they can use that for making better decisions on upcoming Promotional initiatives and product creation. Your opinion is important to those big organizations.That’s where the surveys come in. General market trends panels try to find members who are prepared to devote some time out of their day in order to complete surveys and provide their ideas. For taking time out of one’s day, your research panels will reward you, often with money!
It’s actually a win-win situation simply because they get your opinion and you also get money.
paid surveys..

How Do I Generate a Lot of Cash With Paid Surveys?

When you join these consumer research panels they will usually have an initial survey you will have to complete. This survey will ask you more questions about yourself like age, income, gender, and so on. Then they will start to send you surveys that match that criteria.

As an example: If a market research panel needs to acquire some consumer opinion on laundry detergent, they should most probably send that survey to women, especially mums.
When they want some consumer opinion on power tools or electric razors, they’d send those surveys to middle-aged guys.
Ways to bring in more money with paid surveys online is always to give accurate information and to complete plenty of surveys as is possible. Whenever you complete surveys as often as you’re able to, this will help you for multiple reasons.
1. You’ll get paid.
2. The market research panels will realize that you are a good survey taker, so then they will send you more surveys.
3. Completing these surveys will also supply the panels more info about you to be able to send you more surveys that match your personal criteria.

This is actually the solution to making the most money feasible with paid surveys.

Just what exactly have we discussed? Earning profits from home is quite possible, but it’s not necessarily easy. There is, however a powerful way to make money home that’s actually easy.

That strategy is through taking paid surveys.

Just be sure that you simply always provide accurate information and complete as much surveys as you possibly can. There are a few websites which will get you tied in with all of the top Market research panels. The most beneficial one that I know of is named

==>> Go Here To Start Making Money From Paid Surveys

Have fun taking those paid surveys!




Outsourcing Domination

The Secret To Outsourcing Domination | Save $1000’s And 100’s Of Hours With 3 Simple Tips

Before I even start explaining how you can save a ton of money, I want to ask you a few questions….

Are You Tired of Paying Top Dollar for Bottom Feeder Work?

What if You Didn’t Have to?

What if you could hire Five Star Talent at a Two Star Price, Build Your Business at Rapid Speed and Save Money at the same time?

Well, today I have the perfect solution to all the questions above. It’s called Outsourcing Domination! It’s the ultimate insider’s a guide to finding, hiring & building long term relationships with those diamond in the rough contractors who cost less, work harder & put businesses on the MAP!

Instead of beating you over the head with outrageous (and questionable) claims about the thousands of dollars you can make in the next 24, 72, or 120 hours, I want to do something much, much better…

outsourcing domination

Introducing Outsourcing Domination…

By Anthony Chatfield and Nelio Dos Reis

So Why All The Craze Around Outsourcing Domination?

It’s an integral part of business for every person reading this, but with the strategies I’m about to reveal, you’ll save potentially $100s or even $1000s on your biggest, most important projects AND get better quality content.

Who the Heck is Anthony Chatfield?

Six years ago, I was an electric bill away from the bread line. College degree in hand and eyes wide with expectations, I got hit hard by the cold, gauntleted fist of reality and it hurt.

But, I got back up and while I didn’t have qualifications, experience or any idea what I was doing, I put together a successful content business that today brings me six figures a year.

So, I’ve been on the other side of the tracks. I’ve bid on thousands of projects on Elance and Odesk. I’ve been insulted and scammed on Craigslist. And in doing so I learned a few things about the massive divide between what marketers want and what they say to contractors.

Right now you’re probably asking, “Why does this writer think he knows what I should do to get cheap contractors?”

If you want to know whether you have a winning product do you ask other marketers or do you ask the people who might buy that product?

Trick question. You ask both.

Which is why I’m in a unique position to help you with a problem I’ve seen over and over again, often as I’m being hired for a project.

I have a unique perspective here. I spent more than five years as a contractor and completed more than 400 projects on Elance.

And in the last year and a half, I’ve learned how to leverage my time and get other people to do the heavy lifting. I’ve spent nearly $50,000 on Elance and close to $20,000 on Odesk and that’s just in the last 2 years.

I have hired and fired more people than I can count, but instead of throwing my soda across the living room or venting to my dog, I observed.

What went wrong?

What did they expect?

What warning signs did I have that they were going to suck?

I took notes, combined them with my five plus years of experience bidding on projects and realized that it didn’t need to be so hard.

Not only could I get better contractors with a little careful analysis, I could get cheaper contractors – people who were eager to show their skills and build their reputation.

This is the culmination of that work.

Everyone Thinks They Have One Of Two Options When It Comes To Contracting Work:

1.Pay for low quality and do a ton of work polishing it up for publication.


2. Pay through the nose for top quality work because they take it seriously.

But I have a third option for you:

3. Pay cut rates for high quality work from eager young contractors.

How is that possible?

First, forget everything you know about outsourcing. Yes, it’s the single most important thing you can do for your business. Yes, it allows you to grow at rapid speeds, well beyond what you could ever think of doing on your own.

But, the rest? The part where you dump 99% of your revenue into contractors and hope (read: cross your fingers) that they can put two sentences together or use Photoshop – that part? Forget about it.

Here’s why?

Everyone has to start somewhere. We have a nasty habit of thinking others have the same perspective as us. We’re in it for the money – we want to make as much as possible from our efforts and will do whatever it takes to do so.

Contractors? These are college grads, unemployed 40-somethings, and corporate drones who can’t take it anymore. They want an opportunity to break free of the shackles that society has placed on them.

But, the vast majority of those writers, designers and programmers don’t have the wherewithal or the cajones to charge what they’re worth. They’re used to being belittled, downgraded and pigeonholed by teachers, parents and employers. They’re used to being told they are only worth a 5% raise every other year. They’re used to being told what to do and for how much they’ll do it.

They don’t have a sense of entitlement.

They don’t have a god complex.

They don’t spend hours a day reading things that make them feel better than you.

They are inexperienced, under appreciated contractors who will do anything to impress YOU.

These contractors will work for a fraction of what they’re worth to gain experience and get their new business off the ground. They need to pay bills. They need to build a portfolio. They need to receive validation from someone before they can feel that they earned it.

I know because I was there. Here’s my first winning bid on Elance from way back in 2007. I asked $100 for 20 articles of 500-600 words. After Elance fees, I made less than $0.92 per 100 words and I was THRILLED.

That’s why I partnered with Nelio Dos Reis and created Outsourcing Domination. For years I’ve compiled, researched and tested my theories on how to find, hire and get the most out of these diamond in the rough contractors.

I put that expertise together with Nelio’s expert eye for detail and sterling track record and together we created outsourcing domination – a simple yet extremely powerful tool to help you get the bids you’ve always dreamed of.

In Outsourcing Domination, you’ll receive:

My three step process to finding the perfect contractors for your project. Forget about the spammy bids you’re forced to sort through every time you post a new project. I’ll show you how to word your project description, test for cruddy workers, and ask the right questions to uncover those diamonds in the rough and get the best possible work for the lowest possible price.

I’ve put together 10 step by step templates based on my years of research into how bidders respond to your project descriptions. Forget the pre-built templates on Elance or Odesk. Use these rigorously tested templates to give just enough information to get the bids you need without burying yourself in excess reading.

Included with your Outsourcing Domination package you will receive a tool that allows you to instantly train your contractors in how to create top quality content without lifting a finger. Use the top-secret website I provide you to show them exactly what you want; no work on your part required.

The Value Is Limitless

And with the information in Outsourcing Domination, you’ll understand how to reach out to your potential contractors better than ever before. That means better bids, better contractors and less wasted time – all at cut rates that you won’t believe.

Click Here To Get Outsourcing Domination & Start Saving Thousands of $$$!