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The Truth About Insiders HQ Exposed

Insiders HQ is a complete ran aroussi | phil mansouraffiliate marketing course created by Ran Aroussi and Philip Mansour. If you do not know who these Internet Marketing Professionals are, then it’s time you get to know these guys. They are always amongst the top sellers of affiliate products but the best part is the fact that they teach normal people that have no clue about Internet or Affiliate marketing and turn them into complete money making machines. The reason I say this is because some of their students are ranked as top affiliates for Clickbank.

The course was mainly created by Ran Aroussi who is an expect in site creation, list building, marketing, etc. Now Philip Mansour is an expect at driving targeted traffic, so you can imagine what is going to happen here when these two guys join forces and launch Insiders HQ. You are spot on… an unstoppable course that’s going to rock the affiliate marketing world.

What this Insiders HQ About?

The course revolves around building an affiliate marketing business from the ground up all in detailed step by step tutorials and with great support from the creators themselves. This is a fundamental part of this program, as many other similar courses out there don’t provide any support or guidance at all. If you are serious about learning the basics and also the advanced steps in building a solid foundation for your business, that will make you a consistent income on a monthly basis then this course is for you, as long as you are committed to setting some time and effort aside  to implement the proven strategies.

Insiders HQ consists of…

  • Two 6-Week Marketing courses (+ 2 un-announced “bonus” weeks for each course) – weekly training modules will be delivered using our membership area.
  • Video – Every module of every course consist of multiple videos that guides students through building their Internet business.
  • Interactive Learning Environment – Every module will include a “mini-forum” where students can exchange ideas and ask us questions.
  • Audio – MP3 version of the video training modules for those who prefer listening to the training on their iPod or car.
  • Checklists – Every module will be accompanied by a checklist in PDF format, so students can follow along the program.
  • Resources – We will be providing a list of recommended tools and resources, including software, data, advertising money, and much more.
  • Powerpoint Slides – Students will be able to download the slides in PDF format.

My Super Bonus

I am going to offer you something different from everyone else. Here is the deal, once you have purchased Insiders HQ through my link, send me your order number via email by going to the contact page. I will then create a high converting video squeeze page in the niche of your choice. The video on the squeeze page will be a You Tube video. I will drive 2500 unique visitors to your You Tube video within 5 days and get you noticed and probably ranked on Google’s 1st page depending on your niche and keyword choice. By the way I can advice and do the research for you if that’s your wish. To complete this awesome bonus I will add a report that explains in detail the same strategy I use to get thousands of targeted visitors for 2 cents a click.

This should make you some cash quite instantly while you are learning Insiders HQ. Don’t let this opportunity go by, because I honestly think you will be missing out if your serious about building a solid and sustainable business online.


As you can see the course is very powerful and will be a life changer in your quest to succeed online. Insiders HQ will be limited to a small group of people, so that they can manage and better assist you in your quest to making money online. If you have been paying attention to this course and the live videos released by Ran Aroussi and Phil Mansour show casing how they setup a new campaign and turn it into profit in as little as 8 days, then you will realize how this course will change your online business forever. Make sure you get it before it’s sold out…

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