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You Will Be Shocked When You See These 11 Social Media Facts

Is social media Dead?

If you are one of many people online speculating that social media will eventually die off including Facebook, then you’re in for a shock after you watch this below video…


I bet you never saw that coming with porn losing out to social media or even Ellen DeGeneres getting 1.3 Million re-tweets in under an hour. That’s insane numbers and something to ponder over if your still not using social media to market your products or services.

The fact is that it’s not slowing down either because with so many people having a smart phone and being able to access to their Facebook feed from anywhere in the world can only make this marketing platform grow even bigger. So the question is…

Will Advertising on Social Media Skyrocket?

social-media-graphYou bet it will!

Lets just take a look at a few advertising numbers posted and predicted by BIA/Kelsey, a media research and consulting firm:

“Social media advertising revenue will increase more than 194% to $15 billion in 2018 from $5.1 billion last year. That translates to a 24.0% annual growth rate.”

Well, I think that explains everything and shows you how social media is having a big influence in the business world. Why? Companies are now capable of targeting their perfect customer by collecting data that you as a social media user are posting and sharing. Think about it for a minute, when you sign up to Facebook, you are asked several questions such as:

  • What are your hobbies?
  • What are you doing with your free time? (traveling, clubbing, shopping,etc)
  • What are your favorite holiday destinations?
  • What is your age and sex?
  • What are your favorite books and movies?
  • And the list goes on and on…

Can you see how powerful the above is for you as a business owner? A small business such as travel agency can now target their exact demographic that are almost likely to become their customers.

Advertising has never been this powerful and targeted, so I hope you see the potential as a marketer and take full advantage of this opportunity that lies ahead of you.

Take Advantage of Free Social Media Advertising

How can you do this without paying a cent? The answer is simple… it’s called Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0! It’s a new piece of software in the marketplace that builds you Viral Facebook Apps and posts them directly on people’s news feed. Here is an example of what an App looks like on Facebook:


When people view the App on their feed and click it on Facebook, they are redirected to a squeeze page where it offers them a free gift in return for a share in Facebook. Once people share the App they are redirected to a download page where they can claim their gift.

So what the above process does is get people to share this all over the place and making it go viral. This means free traffic and exposure for your products and services. So if you want to build a list, sell affiliate products or even promote CPA offers, then Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0 is the solution for you to do this without it breaking your bank. To find out more, go here…

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Elizabeth A Redd
Elizabeth A Redd

Social media is not dead it will get even large than what it it today. This is a powerful market to be participating in. The Mobil marketing will continue to grow and increase in size.


Some impressive numbers, it's pretty clear that social media is big and with smartphones it;s growing at high speed.  

Justen Bethay
Justen Bethay

Great info! Social media is definitely not dead and won't be for a long time if ever. It will however evolve as most industries do. It's too powerful to just vanish. Thanks for sharing!


Wow! That is big! I knew Social Media was big but that kind of internet traffic I expected in a few years from now - not quite yet. $15 is a lot of money! We will simply have to take our share, I guess... ;-)

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